Sualeh Khan

Position: Dentist
GDC No. 255328

Sualeh is accumulating so many letters after his name that we may need a bigger door to fit them on! He moved to the area for his job with us, and in typical Sualeh fashion, has continuously developed himself professionally. His latest desire is to specialise in implants, whereby he can provide a fixed replacement tooth, restoring your mouth in one day, and Lumineers, which are thin veneers that transform your smile completely for life. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he shares it around his other passions - cricket, football, keyboards, guitar… basically he is good at everything, including producing daughters (three so far!)
He was brought up in Saudi Arabia and loved his 6 monthly dental check-ups so much that he used to play ‘dentists’ with the kitchen cutlery back at home. He trained in Pakistan then had to go through a lengthy process of overseas registration exams to practise here. There are many things that give him enormous satisfaction about his job, as he sees that it changes lives, enabling people to eat whatever they want and smile confidently. We are delighted to release Sualeh from Ferring Dental Practice on Fridays in order to pursue his professional development as we are committed to providing top quality care.