Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening Dental Treatment Dentist

If you’re concerned about the cosmetics of your mouth, we can sort it. Perhaps red wine is your thing, or you inherited some nasty brown teeth genes. Take heart, because pretty much anyone can have whiter teeth. Everybody’s teeth are different shades of white, and if yours are too dark, come and see the dentist for professional teeth whitening. During a consultation we would take photographs and look at shades and take time to advise you according to what you want.

Don’t try this at home! Kits bought on the internet can cause sensitivity or even long-term pain. Your teeth are extremely precious and deserve to be treated by professionals. The dentists in Ferring Dental Practice will take impressions of your teeth so that trays can be made to fit your mouth exactly. You would then take the trays home and use them overnight or at another convenient time, safe in the knowledge that your gums are completely protected and the whitening solution is scientifically chosen for you as an individual.

Depending on your choice of treatment, you could have immediate results with in-surgery laser whitening and walk out of Ferring Dental Practice with teeth four shades whiter than when you arrived, ready to flash your new smile at the local dog walkers.

Will whiter teeth make for a smilier you? Maybe it’s time to find out.

Did you know?

The ancient Egyptians, around 4,000 years ago, used to whiten their teeth with a whitening paste using ground pumice stone and white vinegar.

The Romans also used to whiten their teeth, except they used, (wait for it), urine. The ammonia within the urine acted as a bleaching agent to make their teeth whiter.

In the 17th Century, people would visit their local barber who would file down their teeth and use an acid to whiten them. Whilst it did make their teeth whiter, it also eroded their tooth enamel which led to tooth decay.

Tooth whitening has come a long way since the Egyptians, and (you’ll be pleased to hear) the Romans and our teeth whitening methods are much more up to date, pain free and guaranteed to give you a lovely set of white teeth.