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Gum Disease Treatment Dentist

Periodontal Gum Disease with Peter Saner

You are right to take your gums seriously as they are key to your overall health, not just that of your mouth. Have you ever been taught to brush your teeth effectively? Many people believe they know, but are you sure? At Ferring Dental Practice we want to educate you so that you can rest assured knowing that your gums are being well maintained and are therefore supporting your teeth effectively. After all, your teeth can only be as good as the bones and tissue around them, so gums need care and attention too!! If you have swollen or shrinking gums, or you notice some bleeding when you brush your teeth, these may be early signs of periodontal disease, in other words ‘gum disease’. ‘Perio’ means ‘around’ and ‘dontal’ refers to the teeth themselves. Gums shouldn’t be overlooked as this can lead to all sorts of health issues as well as loose teeth. The good news is that gum disease can be sorted with professional periodontal treatment, and as you can imagine the sooner we start working together the better. You won’t be made to feel guilty – we have no ‘naughty corner’ but our hope is that you’ll leave Ferring Dental Practice feeling empowered and confident about your overall health in the future. Let the professionals educate you – it’s an important area.

Periodontal disease = gum disease, gingivitis, bad breath and bleeding gums

We can discuss the best option for you in an unhurried consultation, as we understand there is a lot of information around dental care that can seem bewildering or even frightening. At Ferring Dental Practice we have a lot of experience of helping those who are anxious about their teeth and the treatment they might need. Gentle explanations often take the fear away as you will feel in control. This is as it should be – we want you to feel cared for, not just ‘treated’ and sent on your way. We pride ourselves on providing pain-free dental work, and we are especially careful to create a calm environment where you won’t be kept waiting and worrying about it. In fact this is the heart of Ferring Dental Practice – painless dentistry by professionals who understand how important it is to feel safe and cared for.

Did you know that?

The word Periodontal derives from the Greek words, ‘Peri’, which means Around, and, ‘odontos’ for Tooth.