Our Fees

Routine Consultation
New Patient Consultation
Every time you need any treatment we will give you a full written treatment plan so you know what is being advised and what it will cost so there are no surprises.
The prices here are a guideline as each tooth and each individual can be different which is why we give you an individual treatment plan.
Hygienist visit
Advice and coaching in oral hygiene and a full clean
Tooth Coloured FillingsSmall
Cerec same day ceramic inlay
When a large amount of the tooth has been
lost we can scan the tooth and have the replacement
rebuilt in ceramic so it looks like the tooth and
is incredibly strong.
When the tooth has totally broken down or needs protecting from doing so we make a crown to go over the whole tooth. There are various ways of making this either:

Lab made metal bonded to ceramic
Lab made all ceramic metal-free
Same day all ceramic (no impressions required – 3D scanning)

Root Fillings
To remove the infection from a tooth
so that it can be saved
Tooth Removal
For when a tooth can't be saved
Bridges replace missing teeth by fixing a tooth to the neighbouring teeth
Each unit£800
A removable option to replace missing teeth
Full upper & lower dentures
Acrylic Partial
Chrome Partial
Denture Repairs
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