Do you know if you are making the most of the time you spend? Have you ever wished you could get rid of that staining? Is there anything about your gums that is worrying you? That’s what a hygienist is for. They have devoted themselves to helping you to maintain your mouth in the best possible condition and here at Ferring Dental Practice we are delighted in Ashley & Lindsay who are passionate about caring for you. They will take time to coach you so that your toothbrush is doing what you hoped it would and will gently remove the build up of calculus and staining that may have happened since you were last in. Beautiful, clean teeth can be key to the way we look and feel about ourselves and how others see us. Patients of the practice can book directly with the hygienists or you may be booked in following your consultation with the dentist if they feel you could benefit from their skills.

Did you know?

We are becoming increasingly aware that good dental hygiene has a effect on your overall health, so keep brushing, flossing and see your dentist regularly.

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