Childrens Tooth Straightening

With orthopaedic orthodontics at Ferring Dental Practice we may want to start earlier than other dentists as it’s best to encourage growth while it’s happening naturally to guide things in the right way but maybe you have never had treatment and want your crooked teeth sorted or you have had an overbite since childhood. It is never too late to develop the shape of your mouth. After a consultation at Ferring Dental Practice you will share our confidence in the prospect of long-term improvements for even life-long problems.(orthodontics, orthopaedic orthodontics, overcrowded teeth, overlapping teeth)

We can discuss the best option for you in an unhurried consultation, as we understand there is a lot of information around dental care that can seem bewildering or even frightening. At Ferring Dental Practice we have a lot of experience of helping those who are anxious about their teeth and the treatment they might need. Gentle explanations often take the fear away as you will feel in control. This is as it should be – we want you to feel cared for, not just ‘treated’ and sent on your way. We pride ourselves on providing pain-free dental work, and we are especially careful to create a calm environment where you won’t be kept waiting and worrying about it. In fact this is the heart of Ferring Dental Practice – painless dentistry by professionals who understand how important it is to feel safe and cared for.

Did you know that?

Orthodontics, or Orthodontia derives from the Greek words 'Orthos' for correct, or straight, and 'Dontia', for teeth.

Childrens Preventative Tooth Straightening Treatment Dentist