Cosmetic dentistry can help you look your best

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Did you see this article by the Worthing Herald?

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Have you considered cosmetic dentistry? Have you noticed the smiles of celebrities and thought…I want that!?

It’s not for everyone, but if it is something you have considered, we can help you to achieve this! Even a simple procedure like tooth whitening can help make your smile look brighter, more youthful and will surprise you by the little kick of confidence it will bring. We’re currently running a special offer until 30th November 2017 so our patients can have white teeth in time for Christmas… aka… helping you to have your very own white Christmas!!

Call the team today on 01903 246858 to book or click Tooth Whitening Treatment to find out more.

Did you know?
The ancient Egyptians, around 4,000 years ago, used to whiten their teeth with a whitening paste using ground pumice stone and white vinegar.

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