Ferring Dental Practice – one year on!

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One year on!

Well it’s been a year since Peter Saner took over as the principal dentist at Ferring Dental Practice near Worthing, West Sussex. The practice has seen many changes with 2 new surgeries installed to high specification, the first stages of a dedicated decontamination room and the opportunity for Saturday appointments. This is an excerpt from an interview with Peter:

So what have you been most satisfied with over the last year?

Well the best thing has been meeting all the existing patients and providing continuing care for them. Peter Maund did some wonderful work which has been good to see from a dentist’s point of view but also I’ve loved meeting a lot of really interesting people and facing the challenges that some mouths can bring. It’s been great to see new patients coming in and becoming part of the practice and experiencing the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

What sort of challenges?

People very reasonably expect to be able to use their teeth for a very long time these days. The days of willingly losing teeth are long gone but with mixed diets and mixed care over the years it takes its toll on the teeth leading to complicated treatment plans to keep things in shape. It’s been a joy to solve these problems and to care for a wide range of people assisted by a fantastic staff of skilled caring people.

Are there any other changes coming?

Nothing major! Anitha has started a postgraduate course with the Royal College to further her training in complex restorative work so that will mean she will be out of the practice one Friday a month for a couple of years but I’m looking forward to her bringing the latest thinking back into the mix and spurring us all on. I have been doing a lot of additional training as well in orthodontics and we are starting to offer a wide range of treatments to help people get their smiles and their bites straight. We will be continuing to upgrade the equipment in line with the highest standards but I expect much of that will be behind the scenes so you’ll benefit but not really be aware of how much has been invested in your care! Other than that I hope we’ll continue to see new people coming in and finding us a place where they can invest in their dental care so they can keep smiling for years to come.