Have you heard…?

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Abbots Lodge Dental Practice

In March this year after prolonged discussions and legal and financial headaches we bought Abbots Lodge Dental practice in Rustington. People have been asking why I would want to do this with all the political uncertainty around at the moment and the fact that I’ve already gone grey, why take on more responsibility and more challenges when I should be seeking the quiet life with my wonderful patients at Ferring dental Practice?

Well there is much to be said for that point of view. I do love what we have built at Ferring and am passionate about continuing to improve the care we deliver there but there are a number of good reasons for us to expand.

The most important of those is that we want to create something equally beautiful in Rustington. We think they deserve the best too. And that’s what we aim to give them. Abbots Lodge Dental Practice has been around since the 1980’s and was an early adopter of implant therapy and adhesive dentistry thanks to the skills of Rod Peek and Laurence Murray and alongside David Rhoden they have worked together for over thirty years providing comprehensive private dental care. The building has needed some investment and with Rod heading for retirement they needed someone to come in to bring the practice to up 21st century standards and so that is what we have been doing over the last few months.

Another reason is that modern dentistry and compliance is expensive and to make it profitable in any way we needed to be bigger. You will know that at Ferring Dental Practice we do things as they should be done without cutting any corners. We think you deserve that, so behind the scenes there is a lot of cost that applies for one patient as much as it applies to two thousand. To keep up those standards we need to expand or you would have to pay more as every year we and the authorities set the bar higher.

There are many other reasons, building a new nursing and reception team, getting more skilled clinicians with specialist skills to name but few but I hope that gives you some flavour of what we are doing. I am very excited about delivering excellent dental care for more people and creating something that both Ferring and Rustington can be proud of being part of. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with us as it’s a Grade II listed building and we are trying to honour the style and architecture while delivering modern dental care. If you are in Rustington, shopping perhaps, or visiting friends, please feel free to call in. You can check out our website here: www.abbotslodge.com.